Book your tickets to Arenabolaget events here!

Tickets for concerts and shows at the Cloetta Center and Linköping’s Konsert & Kongress can be booked and retrieved at Konsert & Kongress, Konsistoriegatan 7, and at the Tourist Office in St Lars Park. The ticket office and the Tourist Office are representatives of Ticnet.

For more information, contact the ticket office.
Phone: 013-190 00 00, weekdays between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Booking via TicnetIn the Calendar, you see the “Book This” symbol next to each event. Click on it to go directly to booking on the Ticnet website. Note that some events can only be booked at the Arenabolaget ticket office at Konsert & Kongress.

Ticnet, phone: 0771-70 70 70
Ticnet’s website

Picking up your ticketWhen you book your tickets by phone from the ticket office, you receive a booking number. Present that number at the ticket window to retrieve your tickets. You can retrieve your tickets at the ticket window at Konsert & Kongress, at the Tourist Office, at an ATG agent or another Ticnet representative. (Note that some tickets cannot be retrieved from an ATG agent.)

Tickets must be retrieved no later than seven days after booking.

Series passesFor some recurring event series, visitors can book tickets to the whole series at once. See the events calendar for more information. Series passes can only be booked at the ticket office and retrieved at Konsert & Kongress.