Restaurant with Nordic Ecolabel

Restaurant with Nordic Ecolabel

Arenabolaget is very happy to be able to provide its guests with food and drink in Linköping’s first restaurant to have the distinction of the Nordic eco-label!

The 19th of March 2009 was a big day for everyone at Arenabolaget. That was when our restaurant at Konsert & Kongress was honoured with the Swan, the official eco-label of the Nordic countries.

Nordic eco-labelling is a strategic cornerstone of our environmental initiatives and has, for example, inspired us to: increase the percentage of ecological produce in the food we serve; implement new procedures for kitchen waste; and, reduce the number of produce deliveries from our suppliers.
The Nordic eco-labelThe vision of Swan eco-labelling is a sustainable society with sustainable consumption. Arenabolaget will be contributing to this by seeking to implement the most environment and resource-friendly solutions in its daily operations.

In its environmental initiatives, Arenabolaget has listened attentively to the wishes of its guests. An ever increasing number are choosing to hold conferences only at facilities that demonstrate concern for the environment. A not inconsiderable number even demand that facilities must have some form of environmental qualification.

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Local produceAs an element in its environmental initiatives and the promotion of local production, Arenabolaget is investing in regionally produced food.
Since October 2007, the restaurant at Konsert & Kongress has been a member of Regional Culinary Heritage, a European network promoting the serving of food with regional associations. The restaurant at Konsert & Kongress prepares and serves dishes containing produce from the Östergötland region. Lunchtime, conference and party menus are devised on the basis of the availability of local produce.

The specialities on offer at the restaurant in Konsert & Kongress include Amandine potatoes from Fornåsa, bread from a bakery (Slåttergubbens Surdegsbageri) in Borensberg and cider from a Brunneby producer (Brunneby Musteri). In this way, Arenabolaget promotes regional food production and, by ensuring that produce is not transported long distances, contributes to minimal emission of pollutants.


A cup of coffeeArenabolaget serves only rainforest certified coffee. Certification provides a guarantee that the coffee was produced in socially acceptable and environment-friendly conditions. This is a way for us to contribute to better working and living conditions for coffee producers and their employees in developing countries.

WaterEvery year, we Swedes drink around 280 million litres of bottled water. Ten years ago, our consumption was half this. The increase has entailed a rise in carbon dioxide emissions. This rise equates to around 34,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide since the start of the 1990’s. Put another way, the rise is approximately the same as the annual emissions from almost 13,000 cars.

At Konsert & Kongress, we do not serve water in bottles. Instead, we have water stations outside our conference rooms. This reduces our transport emissions and other associated pollution.