Where is Linköping’s Konsert & Kongress?
Konsert & Kongress has two entrances: Konsistoriegatan 7 and on Vasavägen Road. Telephone number to Arenabolaget in Linköping: +46(0)13 190 00 00.

Can I bring my own food and drink?
For safety reasons as well as due to licensing issues, it is not permitted to bring your own food or drink into the arena. Food and drink will be sold at Konsert & Kongress.

Where can I park when I go to the concert?
At Cloetta Center, there is parking directly outside the arena and in the Papegojan parking lot. At Konsert & Kongress there is a handful of spaces outside the main entrance, and larger lots at Katedral Norra and P-hus Baggen. See a city map

If I want to take a taxi to Konsert & Kongress, where do I call?
Linköping has several taxi companies: Taxi Linköping 020-30 30 13, Taxikurir 013-15 00 00, Avin Taxi 070-788 40 90.

When does the bar/café open before the concert?
At Konsert & Kongress, 1½ hour before the show begins. At Cloetta Center it can vary; consult our website or call 013-190 00 00.

I can’t/don’t want to attend the event; can I return my purchased ticket?
No, we do not buy back tickets. Nor do we exchange them for a different performance or time.

Can I bring my camera to the event?
You may not bring a system camera or any form of recording device. For some events, even photographing is strictly forbidden. No form of sound or image recording is permitted in the arena.

I am in a wheelchair; how do I get around the arenas?
Both Cloetta Center and Konsert & Kongress have spaces that are easily accessible by wheelchair. To book these spaces, contact the ticket office at 013-190 00 00.

How many tickets can I pick up at an ATG agent’s?
At an ATG agent you can pick up bookings of up to 15 tickets. If your reservation has more tickets than that, choose one of the Ticnet agents near you instead. Find your nearest agent.

What should I think about when I buy my ticket?
You are responsible for ensuring that the event, date, time, place and price on your ticket match your order. Ticket purchases can only be cancelled within an hour of being printed. You are also responsible for finding out if the date, time or location of the event has changed. Visit www.arenabolaget.se for more information about your event. Remember that the tickets are heat sensitive and can turn black in direct sunlight and when exposed to other heat sources. Keep your tickets in a safe place. Lost tickets will not be replaced.

Is there a chance of getting tickets even if it looks like the concert is sold out?
Don’t lose hope when certain events look sold out! Usually this means that the tickets have all been booked, but NOT NECESSARILY SOLD. As long as not all tickets have been picked up, there is still hope that they will be returned to the system to be sold again. It is extremely rare that an entire event is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. In addition, usually a number of tickets are released at a later date, just before or the same day of the concert. This is to help us better see how the layout of the stage works in the facility. Try again a day or two before, or on the very day of the concert.

What happens if an event is cancelled?
You can return the ticket to the place where you bought it – usually for a limited time. The service fee is not refunded, nor is any postage. Note that it is the ticketholder’s responsibility to keep informed of the concert’s status.

Do you replace stolen or lost tickets?
We do not replace lost tickets. If your tickets have been stolen, you must report the theft to the police. We do not replace the tickets. Remember to keep your tickets in a safe place.

Why do you charge a service fee?
The service fee covers the cost of the agent in connection with booking, picking up and possibly refunding the ticket. This is the part of the ticket price that goes to the point of sale. This is why the service fee is not refunded if the event is cancelled. Regardless of where and how you retrieve, book or buy the ticket, the service fee still applies.

Do you accept Ticnet gift certificates?
Yes, you can use Ticnet gift certificates to pay at Konsert & Kongress and at the Tourist Office in St. Lars Park. Not at Cloetta Center.

I left something behind when I was at the arena, where do I turn?
Phone our switchboard, 013-190 00 00 on Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM.

Do I have to check my coat before an event?
Yes, at Konsert & Kongress you must check your outerwear. The checking fee is SEK 20 (cash, no cards accepted).
At Cloetta Center it is not always required to check your coat. There is no cloakroom at ice hockey events.

Does the time printed on the ticket show when the event starts, or when the doors open?
The time printed on the ticket is when the event starts. If the concert has an opening band, the start time on the ticket is when the opening band begins to play. For a more precise schedule, contact us at 013-190 00 00.

Can I bring food and drink with me into the arenas?
No, you are not allowed to bring food or drink through the entrance doors. Feel free to visit our restaurants and kiosks for food and drinks!
If you want to eat before the event, you can visit one of our bars and restaurants. You can also book a table in advance, +46(0)13 190 00 00.

Can coach companies book tickets to Arenabolaget events?
Yes, contact Jennie Sahlin at +46(0)13 190 00 04.

Are you a Ticnet agent?
Yes, Konsert & Kongress and the Tourist Office in St Lars Park are, which means that you can also buy Ticnet tickets to events throughout the country here.

Is there a cash machine in the arenas?
Yes, at the entrance to the Cloetta Center. There is no cash machine at Konsert & Kongress.

Information from the arranger
* The noise at some concerts may be uncomfortably loud. You are responsible for your own hearing protection.
* Intoxicated people are not welcome at the arena.
* It is not permitted to bring objects to the arena that can harm others. Bottles and cans cannot be brought into the arenas. Ticketholders can be searched by the arranger before being let into the arena.
* You may not bring a camera or any form of recording device to the arena.
* Some events have a minimum age of 13. Please check each event for an age restriction.
* Keep your tickets in a safe place. Lost tickets will not be replaced.
* Warning! Counterfeit tickets may be in circulation. Always buy your ticket directly from an authorized retailer.