Combine business and pleasure

Combine business and pleasure

Here, you can combine business and pleasure. We can provide everything from customised events, tastings and activities to themed meals and conference and concert packages.

We want it to be easy for anyone arranging a meeting or an event to get everything they want. Let the team at Arenabolaget take the strain.

An unforgettable experienceWe feel that extra customer-benefit can be gained from combining business and pleasure. That is why we offer both. Venues and facilities are key elements in successful events. However, why not also take the opportunity to give conference participants an experience that is out of the ordinary?

Let the team at Arenabolaget help you, as an organiser, create a memorable whole. To follow an efficient conference day, we can offer an endless range of activities and tastings. What about Go-karts or PWCs (“jet skis”) for those who want to feel the rush? Cosmetics courses or jewellery making may appeal to the fashion conscious. Chocolate or cigar tasting may be just the thing for gourmets. The foregoing are just a few of the activities we can arrange!

We ensure that your meetings give something extra – an unforgettable experience.

Conferences can even be combined with: comedy evenings featuring the hottest stand-up comedians; demonstrations of fine cookery led by professional chefs; lectures given by exciting, captivating speakers; full evenings on the dance floor with live bands... The goal is unforgettability!